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Our beer is brewed on site with a 10 barrel all electric brewhouse. Each beer is packaged in 4-packs of 12oz cans. Did we run out of cans? If so, you can purchase a 32oz growler or fill up your own of any style that is on tap.

The Meg  5.5%

American Blonde Ale that is easy-drinking and well-balanced. Clean and very refreshing. Moderately malty with little to no hop bitterness. Great for those who drink light beer.

Hang Loose 5%

California common style. A lager brewed at ale temperatures. Toasted caramel like malt character both in flavor and aroma. 

This is the Way 7.5%

A delectable chocolate and marshmallow stout. Aromas of s’mores and graham crackers. Sweet on the palate, and just like it’s theme, it’s out of this world!

Gone Coastal: Mimosa 5.5%

Our flagship sour series. This Berliner Weisse is pleasantly tart with a nice sweet orange, tangerine, and tart cherry flavor.

Spring Fling 5.5%

This Festbier is malty and bready with delicate herbal aromas. Crisp and super refreshing.

Torpedo Station 7%

Our most popular NEIPA. Hazy, juicy, soft on the palate, with tropical fruit aromas and flavor.

Gone Coastal:  Cranberry 5.5%

Our flagship sour series with Cranberry. This Berliner Weisse is pleasantly tart with a nice sweet cranberry/tart cherry flavor.

Rye Robust Porter 7%

Complex roasty malt carries through this bold brew with delicate hints of chocolate, coffee, and rye. It’s pretty damn good.

Tubular 7.5%

Our West Coast IPA is a fresh change of pace from the haze bomb NEIPA's. This treat smells of citrus with an approachable malt forward flavor and finishes with the classic West Coast hop bite.

Portside Lights 5%

A delectably complex Irish Red Ale. Toffee and caramel malt sweetness up front, finished with a slight earth hoppiness.

Key Lime Pie 4.7%

A pastry sour with tons of keys limes and vanilla. Delicately sweet with a graham cracker pie crust finish.

Noble Pursuit 6%

This Kolsch Style Ale gets its name from the use of Noble hops. An ale fermented at lager temperatures, making it crushable with big notes of crisp crackers and delicate malt. "A beer that tastes like beer"

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